The Swedish Society of Public Parks and Gardens is a network today consisting of 35 of the foremost parks and gardens in Sweden.
The  office is situated at Gunnebo House and Gardens in Mölndal.
The Society started in the Spring of 2010.

Contact and information

Project manager
Gunilla Stridbeck

Swedish Society of Public Parks and Gardens
c/o Gunnebo Slott
Christina Halls väg
431 36 Mölndal

Board members 2018
Lena Vikström, VD, Gunnebo slott och trädgårdar (Chairperson)
Ulf Nordfjell, Landskapsarkitekt, Stockholm
Tomas Lindvall, Teknisk chef, Sundbybergs stad
Maria Sidén, VD, Tjolöholms slott
Agneta Sallhed Canneroth, Malmö stad


“We want to enhance and spread the word of the quality of our Swedish parks and gardens and have this network to show the most famous ones that represent the Swedish Green Culture Heritage. Sweden has a great tradition of gardening and people love to spend time in their gardens and to be inspired by the public parks. That´s why the public areas are so important as good examples of culture landscape and play a vital role  in urban cities as well as in rural areas. We welcome our guests and please contact us for more information to make your visit as good as possible!”   – Cecilia Liljedahl, founder of the network.