Tjolöholm Castle is Sweden’s leading Arts and Crafts property. The castle was built between 1898 and 1904 in Tudor style, combined with modernities from the turn of the century such as electricity, central heating, wall-to-wall carpets and showers with circularly flowing water. The aspiration was to create a home that was both comfortable and dignified.

The castle’s architect Lars Israel Wahlman not only designed the castle, but also the surrounding parkland and Arts and Crafts style garden. The castle is situated by the sea in a hollow and protected by cliffs. The castle environment differs undeniably from the surrounding archipelago landscape, and the sea’s proximity is ever present.
The Garden seems to change, not only with the seasons but also as the hours of the day go by. The garden nearest the castle is disciplined and neat, but it changes gradually to adapt to the surrounding countryside. The castle seems to grow up out of its surroundings!

The food served at Storstugan is homemade with local ingredients. When the sun comes out, you can enjoy the view of the surrounding meadows and farmland from the courtyard and the garden. During autumn and winter, Storstugan makes a cosy destination after a long walk on the grounds; the open fire is great for warming yourself back up.

For more information and opening hours, please visit http://tjoloholm.se