Fredriksdal museums and garden Nowhere in Europe will you find an equivalent to Fredriksdal with its 360,000 square meters of unique settings, buildings and gardens. Here, the history and diversity of the countryside are caringly kept alive.

Our animals
With its museums and gardens, Fredriksdal offers interesting activities for all ages, all year round. See cows, sheep and goats graze peacefully and mayby the heavy Ardenne horse pull the plough. Many of the animals that live in the grounds of Fredriksdal are endangered species that have been given sanctuary here.

Landscape botanical garden
You´ll also find Swedens only landscape botanical garden and the beautiful rose garden with thousands of sweet-scented roses. Take a guided tour and learn more about Swedish traditions, walk with the experts and learn more about herbs or see Fredriksdal after dark in the light of the lantern.

Feasts & fairs
At Fredriksdal we follow the seasons with an event for every season. In the summer we celebrate with a Rosefeast in the rosegarden.
Michaelmas Market invites to a harvest party and the most beautiful inspiration for Christmas you´ll find at Fredriksdals sparkling Christmas fair.
Fredriksdal is open all year around.

Welcome to Fredriksdal museums and garden!